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Help The Ferrets! February 28, 2009

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Well as you all  know i LOVE LOVE LOVE ferrets, and my favorite kind of ferret is The Black-Footed Ferret. Now, It is one of the most endangered animals in North America! You can help out! Go to http://www.blackfootedferret.org and Donate! Now you probably wont donate, but atleast look around! Its so sad. 😦 My mom wont let us donate. 😥 But i havnt told her to loook around the site yet! 😀 Maybe she will even let us adopt one! I doubt it though. But please, help out the ferrets somehow! They need our help badly! You could also go to your local zoo if they have them! But plz! Do something to help them! . Do you see how much i care about these ferrets? They mean the world to me.:) I made this about Black Footed Ferrets:



So yeah! Bye bye! One more thing, every picture i make, it will have “Mechelle99 Ferretograpy” becasue thats going to be the name of the company thing or w/e! I make all my pictures on picnik, http://picnik.com Thanks! Bye bye!



10,000 hits! February 28, 2009

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Hello, all of us have some important news! As you may notice, were almost at 10,000 hits, which according to my mathematical savvy,  is a big number. So to celebrate were gonna do something for you. Were 1 day from the UWashBubKay awards judging. So if you entered, which you probably did, you will get a free online plaque to post in a sidebar. So tysm for helping us reac 10,00 hits. You all rock!!

                           With ♥, the Umphulump55 blog crew.

THIS ARGUMENT ENDZ NOWZ! February 27, 2009

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Umphulump55 says: Look, Kara and Horselover1089, I’m really really really tired of u guys arguing. Im not on either side, but here’s how we WILL solve this. Hl1089, should you care IS Kara IS wrong? And kara should u care IF Hl1089 IS wrong? So I’m just deleting all ur comments on this subject. SO SHUT IT AND LOCK IT!!! Update: UMPHULUMP, KARA KEEPS EDITING MY POSTS AND MAKING IT ALL MESSED UP. MAKE HER STOP PLEASE. IM REALLLLLYY TIRED OF IT.           ~Mechelle99

Well, i have noticed 2 people have been argueing about wether an Orca is a whale or dolphin. Now, i didnt want to get into the fight, but i will say now…an orca is a  Whale and dolphin. Now listen up, i am VERY knowledgeable with animals, more like animals that arent very popular, such as Minks, and lots of others that i cant think of their name. I AM NOT LIEING. An orca is a dolphin. It is a known fact. To let ya know that im positive, here:

From wikipeida:      The Killer Whale or Orca (Orcinus orca), less commonly, Blackfish or Seawolf, is the largest species of the dolphin family.

From Yahoo! Answers:

Is an Orca a whale or a dolphin?

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Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Depends on the meaning of the word.
Sometimes Cetaceans (the mammalian order that includes orcas) are collectively known as “whales”, and the terms “toothed whales” and “baleen whales” are used to identify the two major cetacean groups.
By this definition, orcas are whales like all cetaceans.

However, others restrict the word “whale” to the baleen whales only, and dessignate the toothed cetaceans as “dolphins”, “porpoises” and the like.
Orcas have teeth, and are more closely related to dolphins than to baleen whales.
Accordingly, by this second definition, orcas are dolphins.

That’s why biologists use scientific names and avoid the confusion of vernacular words 🙂


I’m a zoologist.
So, it is called a Killer Whale because it can eat other whales and dolphins. Thx! Bye bye!
And dont be like, NO ITS A WHALE! Its a dolphin.

Blah. February 26, 2009

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Heyz! Its me! IM SO SORRY I WASNT ON YESTERDAY! I have a REALLY bad stomach flu. I threw up 13 times yesterday..ew. So since my stomach still hurtz and i have a fever im staying home. bYE BYE!


HA HA HA!!!!! AWWWWW! LOOKKKKKK!!! Looook at my new avatar!! Itz one of my ferrets. I was going to put one of both of my ferrets but, there was none. That picture is MY ferret drinking coffffffeeee! LOL! I wish i could drink coffee..but it will make my stomach hurt. To see my avatar just look at one of my commentz! Bye bye!

Umphulump55 says: Im sorry! Well i had a stomach bug the other week. i threw up apple juice and coca-cola. the worst news: I think its coming back. as i type my stomach KILLS

Kara says Im sorry! my friend Zoe is sick to she has been absent for the whole week 😦

ANOTHER update(By Mechelle99): First off, how do you get it off color? I cant figure it out.Anyways, Thaaaaaankkks guys!!! Youz are sooooo nice!! 😀 and get on ur chat ump!

Mission Orca February 26, 2009

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Hi Hi hi Blabbers Snow here (Kara) Me and my Ex-Friend lol are fighting is an Orca (Killerwhale) a Whale or Dolphin if you answer we will give you a cookie and a 1000 dollars maybe not nope you wont