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Chuck Series February 10, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

LOL! This blog is officially random! So let’s get DOWN! I think I’m having 6,347 hits party on cp when i get the time, but you’ll find out about that later 😉 Okay, so look at the title. I’m making a title called ”the Day that Chuck got fried”. It’s like a fake movie title and i tricked lots of people! So, if i get a you-tube account I’m gonna make a series of shows about Chuck getting critically injured. Here are some upcoming titles:

  • The Day that Chuck got fried
  • The Day that Chuck got anialated
  • The Day that Chuck got vaporized
  • The Day that Chuck got eliminated

So plz..be random…And stayed on-line to hopefully see some chuck things! Wow, that was random! 😀



1. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

Chuck on ABC(or NBC) (I forgot) (I like () Things) ()()()()()()()( < (Fishies))))))))(((((((((())))))))))))((((((((((())))))))

2. umphulump55 - February 10, 2009

Umm..no! It’s just an animal or a person i dunno 😀 and u like parenthesis?

3. shyshy6510 - February 11, 2009

Please go to this page:


To vote for a Queen and King for Valentine’s Day!

4. shyshy6510 - February 11, 2009

you can vote for brett AND anna.

5. ::βrꆆ:: - February 11, 2009

Aww thanks shy! lolz, although Anna don’t have a CP and she dont know I like her… 😕 Lolz, Im gonna ask her out soooon! like Sooon Sooooooon! Lol, i hate ()()( thingies? I was just playing around… or was I? *DUN, dun, DUN!!!!!!*

6. ::βrꆆ:: - February 11, 2009


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