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From Dr.Doodle: February 11, 2009

Posted by Umph in Other than Umph.

Dear all bloggers and other visitors,

        I am so sorry! I took a very special buissness trip to the bahamas-I mean Chicago for a surf lesson-I mean meeting! I promise all questions will be answered by Friday. But look at the sunny side, I have planned a vacation-I mean meeting will my college proffeser. He is moving to Berkshire for a new job, and I will become the new proffeser! Hooray! Just in time to give other students the D.B.A (Dog Bone Assesment) So please forgive me for not answering your questions. Please don’t be upset. Prepare for answers.

 With love and advice, Dr.Doodle



1. Ha Ha Thats Funey - February 11, 2009

hey ump i finished adding you as a member check your email i sent you all the info about my club

2. shyshy6510 - February 11, 2009


LOlz he is like Mr.Noodle off of Elmo’s World,but like not a man,umm not wiggly,you know all the difference’s I hope.

3. umphulump55 - February 12, 2009

Yeah! lol dr.doodle isn’t a noodle! 😆

4. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - February 12, 2009

Hi Umphulmp! Just wanted to let you know that for my commenting contest, the magic number is moved to only 2,200 comments. Right now we have about 2,140 so, 60 more comments and someone has reached the magic number! 🙂

5. horselover1089 - February 12, 2009

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE ISNT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. ::βrꆆ:: - February 12, 2009

Rofl! Ok Dr. Doodle! 😉 I found out how to highlight! Thanks, but you actually enter your name and email on Personal Info part! Lolz…

7. ::βrꆆ:: - February 12, 2009

TY 4 putting my banner on your site! (All the way at the bottom!) Lolz! JK it’s ok! 😉

8. umphulump55 - February 12, 2009

Sorry, i wanted it higher but i didn’t want to erase all my other widgets!

9. ::βrꆆ:: - February 12, 2009

It wouldn’t erase them… NVM! Can you please write about yourself here:
Thanks! 😉

10. Ha Ha Thats Funey - February 12, 2009

im trying to get people to put my bannner on there sites can i please put my banner on your site( if you have one i will add it to my site) if i can plz coment bck on my site and i will send you the html

11. Ha Ha Thats Funey - February 12, 2009

i sent u the code!

12. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - February 12, 2009

haha your blog is so random!

13. umphulump55 - February 12, 2009

HAHA! Thnx carly u rock!!

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