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Umph’s Amazing Story!!! February 13, 2009

Posted by 1ymapinky1 in Other than Umph.
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Ymapinky Here telling you about Umph’s AMAZING Story!!! YA!!!! EVERYBODY CHEER!!! SO umph has here weekly storys, and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS>>>>>>>


The problem is theres only three paraghraphs so far… so I’m making…


If you are a awesome person You will comment bellow telling  Umph to write  more of here Crazy Good story!!!

Other News:

I (ymapinky) am having a  valentines day party!!! Here is the info!!

Where: My Chat ( www.xat.com/CaliChloePlace )

When: Sat. (Valentines Day) 4:00 pst (west coast) 7:00 est  (east coast)


Also.. Please Visit my site www.1ymapinky1.wordpress.com for: A STORY CONTEST!!! AND>>>>> Join My warriors clan nature clan) Umphulump is in my clan!!!! 😀 Ymapinky



1. 1ymapinky1 - February 13, 2009

I want more story!

2. kara234 - February 13, 2009

uhumulp come here sorry for spellinng http://xat.com/chat/room/49836167/

3. 1ymapinky1 - February 14, 2009

Hey Umph!! I found another thingy-ma-jig for you to put with your emo widget!! Here is the html:

4. 1ymapinky1 - February 14, 2009

erg!!! it didn’t work!!! Here:

5. ::βrꆆ:: - February 14, 2009

More Blog Traveling Ump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. kara234 - February 14, 2009

lol we were calling her Lumpy yesterday

7. Caligirl998♪♥♫ - February 14, 2009

My valentines day didnt go so well…

8. Sssaam - February 14, 2009

Hey! You won the caption contest! Click these links to see your name and a link to your site:
Enter the new one!

Keep It Real
The Panic Button

9. Bbfreeze Graphics - February 14, 2009

Hey Umph! Your pickley widget is done. 😆 I’ll send you an email with the link and HTML code!

♥ Bbfreeze ♥

10. Bbfreeze Graphics - February 14, 2009

Guess what? Your other widget is done, too! I’ll email you it as well! 😆

♥ Bbfreeze ♥

11. Bbfreeze Graphics - February 15, 2009

Omg… your invitation is done too! 😆 You can pick it up on my Cards/Invites page. Thanks for your order!

♥ Bbfreeze ♥

12. Caligirl998♪♥♫ - February 15, 2009


its been a while! wanna talk? meet me at my meebo (click my name)

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