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Life stinks sometimes February 22, 2009

Posted by kara234 in Other than Umph, Uncategorized.

Hello 😦 my life hasent been going well a few reasons are im losing online friends cuz im only 9 people have  been picking on me mean posts on a site about me EDITED OUT BY UMP 🙂is the site hes a jerk and people on chat rooms like  EDITED OUT BY UMP 🙂have been making me cry the only thing i do now is draw portraits and those people who get them i dont think like them these are ones i made

Those are them they arnt good i like my 1st one the best



1. TINkERBELL - February 22, 2009

your portraits are really good,oh and don’t worry my life isn’t going great either.

2. clubjorga151 - February 23, 2009


3. StarandWiifan - July 23, 2009

jeez. thoz ppl r mean. 😦

4. HannahGirl88 - August 7, 2009

witch website are they doing it on?

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