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Protraction Action February 25, 2009

Posted by Umph in All about me, Random.

Hola peepz 😀 Umph’s in da house. So, I unstickied that other post about UWashBubKay Awards so scroll down, down, down to see it. But here’s some important news. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY OTHER WORKERS FOR THIS SITE 😦 I’m terribly sorry but we already have soooo many workers and at first I wanted to work here alone. So I’m sorry if you’re not a worker yet, but I can’t have anymore. Next, THIS IS NOT A CHAT BOX PEEPZ. Did you know that I receive an e-mail for EVERY comment? Not like it’s a bad thing, comment as you please, but click HERE for my chat box. Now, the real thing. At school we used this awesome thinger mahooa called a protractor to measure angles. So you line it up with the vertices and tilt it where the angle is pointing at. It’s really quite simple. So here’s a protractor.


Update by Kara:I think we have a lot of workers Brett never posted Virgogirl is added random people are being added



1. virgogirlx3 - February 25, 2009

what’s that supposed to mean, kara?

2. kara234 - February 25, 2009

lol nothing random ppl keep beeing added

3. virgogirlx3 - February 26, 2009


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