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Blah. February 26, 2009

Posted by Mechelle99 in Uncategorized.

Heyz! Its me! IM SO SORRY I WASNT ON YESTERDAY! I have a REALLY bad stomach flu. I threw up 13 times yesterday..ew. So since my stomach still hurtz and i have a fever im staying home. bYE BYE!


HA HA HA!!!!! AWWWWW! LOOKKKKKK!!! Looook at my new avatar!! Itz one of my ferrets. I was going to put one of both of my ferrets but, there was none. That picture is MY ferret drinking coffffffeeee! LOL! I wish i could drink coffee..but it will make my stomach hurt. To see my avatar just look at one of my commentz! Bye bye!

Umphulump55 says: Im sorry! Well i had a stomach bug the other week. i threw up apple juice and coca-cola. the worst news: I think its coming back. as i type my stomach KILLS

Kara says Im sorry! my friend Zoe is sick to she has been absent for the whole week 😦

ANOTHER update(By Mechelle99): First off, how do you get it off color? I cant figure it out.Anyways, Thaaaaaankkks guys!!! Youz are sooooo nice!! 😀 and get on ur chat ump!



1. clubjorga151 - February 26, 2009

Omg i feel so bad for you umph! GET WELL SOON!!! =)

2. Mechelle99 - February 26, 2009

<.< Dis was my post

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