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Webkinz broadcast! March 7, 2009

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Hey, hey, hey! As you may realize, I haven’t been on webkinzin a couple days. But when I get the Cotton-CandyBunny to renew my account, I’ll be back on. Remember, Umphulump is always free to friend invites, and I have over 14,000 Kinzcash. If you send me a friend invite, I WILL respond. OK, well that’s it 😀 . In other news, I’m trying to decide which webkinz to get. I’ll either get the Cotton-Candy Bunny and name her Tootles, or I’ll get the Hedgehog and name him Pokley. Or I might get both! Cross your fingers I’ll be able to add Pokley and  Tootles to my Webkinz family. And a new room theme has arrived! It’s the Cinemas theme, so I’ll be making a movietheater! Hooray! Go to the Webkinz shop, and look at the New Arrivals or Room Theme category. I’m very excited, and when I buy all the food I need for my pets, I’ll be able to purchase the Cinemas Theme. Hooray! 



1. ::βrꆆ:: - March 7, 2009

Lolz, u play Webkinz? I quit my first month 😆 Want my account? IDC, here you go:

Tell me if they work, IDK cuz its old lol

2. ::βrꆆ:: - March 7, 2009

A Clue……
I Made a Funey!

Figure it out, the future is coming!

3. umphulump55 - March 7, 2009

Your new site?? You’re naming it that?

4. dynamite11 - March 7, 2009

k, im zmazuka747

5. hannahgirl88 - June 27, 2009

just to let you know my webkinz user name is Tender2000

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