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Lots of stuff!! March 8, 2009

Posted by Umph in All about me, Updates.
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Dr.Doodle made his own Twitter! Click here to see it: http://twitter.com/Drdoodle OK look! i really, really want more members on my Foofle site!! I really want you ALL to go on it. So for me, Plz plz plz plz plz PLZ go on it! Click on the HERE’S  to see my Foofle site! Thnx! Also, I’ll be making a new entry in my Public Diary about my feild trip. It may have sounded boring, but it was REALLY cool and very fun! The lunch was good, too :P. In other news, I apologize about the UWashBubKays!! They were supposed to be done a while ago, but we’ve been procrastinating. Workers, PLZ judge the last few blogs. I’m hoping you can. Thanks for listening!!



1. Penny - March 8, 2009

SOUNDS SOOOO FUN!!! I’m going to go sign up!!!!

2. michf98 - March 9, 2009

FOOFLEZZZZ!!! :mrgreen:

3. clubjorga151 - March 9, 2009

About the comment you just left on my site, its none of your concern. Please don’t get involved, you don’t know the story behind it.

4. clubjorga151 - March 9, 2009

By the way, don’t spread the password please.

5. umphulump55 - March 9, 2009

umm ok sure 😀 i didnt spread the passcode either…but just forget it…sorry 🙂 umm so wats up?

6. Slider 466 - March 10, 2009

This is cool!!!! I am going to make something related to you in a little while!!

7. Ha Ha Thats Funey - March 10, 2009

jez how the heck do you have over 100 spam comments! i have liek 40

8. Slider 466 - March 10, 2009

Hey. Can you make my foofle now?
-Slider 466

And can I work here?

9. umphulump55 - March 11, 2009

Yeah, i’ll make ur foofle! And i dont know…i have a lot of workers already..

10. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - March 11, 2009

Cool idea! 😉 Here is the HTML code for your widget! (In order to see it you have to go to ‘edit’ on this comment.)

~Isla 🙂

11. michf98 - March 12, 2009

Dudes, just go!!: http://117moonbeam117.wordpress.com if you have eyes, you’d go!!

12. Dieter - March 12, 2009

Hey! I did the review on you r blog on my site so just letting you know!

13. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - March 12, 2009

Thanks for the comment on my site! 😀 I really like my new theme and header also. It just feels weird since I have my old one for so long! When I go to my site now I kinda surprise myself! lol

14. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - March 12, 2009

P.S. I’d be happy to sign up for the Foofle Club!

15. lanagirl112 - March 13, 2009

um ur side bar says ur a punk emo! do you cut urself?

16. umphulump55 - March 13, 2009

nope! i just call myself it 😆

17. lanagirl112 - March 14, 2009

well not smart! i think ur a mixed up person maybe u should rethink that. u know. um its really bad!

18. lanagirl112 - March 14, 2009

and god says we should not hate its the same as murder how about i dont like miley!

19. umphulump55 - March 14, 2009

Um…look i dont really listen do that stuff…um, i call myself emo cause’ of my style and punk because of my attitude. Im not gonna listen to that.

20. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - March 14, 2009

Hi Umphulump! Dr.Doodle’s Widget is done! 🙂 It’s in the gallery on my site. Thank you and Doodle for ordering! 😉

21. umphulump55 - March 14, 2009

tYSM! I’ll go c it!

22. melissa - March 14, 2009

cool! u hate miley cyrus!! i dont like her either!! wats twitter though?

23. lanagirl112 - March 14, 2009

still the whole hate thing is bad!

24. umphulump55 - March 14, 2009

I still don’t understand :/ If i dont slit my wrists and all that y is it bad?

25. virgogirlx3 - March 15, 2009

if you don’t cut yourself… you’re not considered emo. that’s my interpretation of it. i mean if you wanna call urself punk, thats fine. but emo–> cut yourself.

26. umphulump55 - March 15, 2009

Yes, but also the next thing is: I NEVER CALLED MY SELF EMO. It says punkemo, so what? does that mean im emo?

27. virgogirlx3 - March 15, 2009

well i sorta assumed it. when you say you’re punkemo (is that a word? i mean punk-emo is…) we sorta assume it.

28. umphulump55 - March 16, 2009

Oh ok lol. well im not, just to clarify. Punkemo im my made up word meaning punk 😆

29. forevernothing - March 16, 2009

can u go on my chat

30. forevernothing - March 16, 2009


31. 15angel7 - March 18, 2009

Hi Umphulump!
Your Pixel Penguin you ordered at my site is ready for pick up at my Pixel Penguins page! Thanks!

-15angel7 (aka annie)

32. lanagirl112 - March 19, 2009

the HATE thing God says if you hate a person it is the same as murder and you shall be called a murderer in front of God! do you still think hate is ok?

33. lanagirl112 - March 19, 2009

plus with the hate thing God says to LOVE and pray for your enemies!

34. umphulump55 - March 19, 2009

Lana can u PLEASE just stop? Can you will understand ppls opinion and respect what they belive plz??

35. lanagirl112 - March 20, 2009

i just want to know i didnt mean to make you mad i just wanted you to know. im sorry but thats the TRUTH! no a theory!

36. 15angel7 - March 20, 2009

Hey Umph!
Your teddy bear is completed!
Please pick it up at annieapple.wordpress.com then click on graphics, then custom teddy bears and scroll down!! Thankssss!! If there is anything wrong with it i’ll fix it 🙂

-15angel7 aka annie.

37. umphulump55 - March 21, 2009

lana-ok it’s fine

38. kara234 - March 21, 2009

ya i hate posting it wastes my time ive been playin outside im tired of aproving comments

39. georgiaworld151 - March 21, 2009

if i were you i would not call yourself punk emo on your blog if you knew what it was then you would not be calling yourself that.

40. umphulump55 - March 21, 2009


41. kara234 - March 21, 2009

ugggggg i hate arguing Dont fight over something

42. Slider 466 - March 21, 2009

Umphulump, if my domain name was illegal, they would suspend my site.

-Slider 466

43. kara234 - March 22, 2009

you know allie from her blog http://8nosilla.wordpress.com/ i enterd her story contest it took 1 hour to write and she elimanted it for forever nothings

44. booie151 - March 22, 2009

Hi I am isla’s cousin named lauren!!!!! i am 8 years old and i was wondering if you could go to my site and go to the club (the password is dogs) and go to the polls subpage and vote in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you

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