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Yo… March 8, 2009

Posted by Mechelle99 in Uncategorized.

Hi. Sorry i havnt beeen on in like A WEEK! I was taking a “mini-vacation” myself! Im so sorry!! I should have told ya! Anyways, NEW RULEZ FOR MEEEEEE.

-Im only getting on 2 days a week.

-Im only posting once a week

– NO MORE CHATBOXES. No more! Theyre to un safe.

-Im only talking to the people i know.

Im sorry! I just dont want to get addicted to blogging! (Like so called…..UMP! :o!!!)

lol Well bye! The days ill probably be on is Wednesday night and Friday night.




1. umphulump55 - March 8, 2009

No more chatboxes? not even with ppl u trust? whaaaa?!

2. Mechelle99 - March 8, 2009

Nope.! Im sorry..

3. umphulump55 - March 8, 2009

wow…im uh…kinda confused…i’ll miss u 😦

4. Mechelle99 - March 8, 2009

Aw im sorry 😦 See you wednesday maybe! If i neer come back..i quit blogging.

5. kara234 - March 8, 2009

Edited by Umph

6. Mechelle99 - March 9, 2009

KARA WTC is wrong with you, im leaving at that is the last thing you say to me? Ump, You can thank Kara, IM LEAVIN FOREVA! BYE BY I WONT BE COMIN BACK!

7. umphulump55 - March 9, 2009

No plz come back! ur on my friends pages, ur like onr of my bfff’s online!!! plz plz don’t leave!!

8. kara234 - March 9, 2009

well i thought it was a LITTLE RUDE for her to say Im sorry! I just dont want to get addicted to blogging! (Like so called…..UMP!

9. umphulump55 - March 9, 2009

well…mechelle left she’s gone now 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

10. StarandWiifan - July 22, 2009

😯 I at least go on an hour a da THANK GOODNESS FOR THE COMPUTERS!!! (I wish I had a Mac instead of a PC.)

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