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Ymapinky’s Party March 16, 2009

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Sup??????? Ymapinky here! (click my name) I’m having and everyone is invited!!!! But, If I’m having a party my site  needs 5,000 hits,  so please click my name! Anyway, here’s the info:

What: A  SUPER PARTY!!!!  

Celebrating: 5,000 hits, living through friday the 13th, St. Patty’s day

Requirements: We must have 5,000 hits by the party or its cancelled!

Where: My chat! ( www.xat.com/CaliChloePlace )

When: SUNDAY, march 22nd,

Times: 1:00 pm Pacific, 12:00 pm Alaska, 2:00 pm Mountain, 3:00 pm Central, 4:00 pm Eastern, 9:00 pm England (Iceburd), 8:00 pm GMT

Contest: It’s “How well do you understand Ymapinky Talk” Wich means basically I’ll use some of my random sayings, and my super  txtin talk! You can train with me this weekend or the next on Saturdays from 10-11 am Pacific! 

And know, for the prizes!!!!!

1st place:

-any 3 graphics done super fast (header, portrait, widget, signature)

-1 rank up in NatureClan

– Auther for 2 months

– A song written all about you

-site advertised in 3 posts

2nd Place:

-any 2 graphics  super quick (signature, portrait, widget, header)

-Auther for 6 weeks

-A song about you

– Site advertised in 2 posts

3rd Place:

– 1 graphic super quick (portrait, header, widget, signature)

– Auther for 1 month

– A song about you

– Site advertised in a post

Cyazzzz! ❤ Ymapinky



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