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The Nerd is Here! April 28, 2009

Posted by ღ Bbfreeze (: in Other than Umph, Random.
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Hello, fellow Ga viewers. I’m Bbfreeze, one of the peoples Umph added on her blog while she’s mysteriously gone. 😆 My job is to update you. I guess I pretty much am right now… 😀

Tonight I have my band concert. (I play the trumpet incase you were wondering!) It’s also Madison‘s birthday AND my uncle’s birthday!

Keep it Nerdy.


Howdy!! It’s Slider 466!!! April 28, 2009

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And umphulump, can I make a page on the site?

I think not…

Hello!!! My name is Slider 466 and I will be helping Umphulump on the site!!! I will write posts time to time so keep checking back for posts!!!!

Anyways, if you know who Kara234 is… well she isn’t allowed to blog anymore. It gave her a virus. And she can’t go on XAT. Sad. 😦

She has a youtube though!!! It’s http://www.youtube.com/Snowflakeha!!!

Well, I got to go to school and do band practice in 15 minutes. Well, got to go!!!

-Slider 466

P.S. I have a poll for ONLY THIS SITE.

My site is: http://www.slider466.wordpress.com

Hi EvRyBoDy!!!! April 27, 2009

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Hi ppl! I’m Allison. Umphulump made me an author! Isn’t she awesome?! Yeah well her site is www.umphulump55.wordpress.com! Oh wait.. Your already on her blog.. Well my blog www.8nosilla.wordpress.com! So since I’ll be workin here, I decided to tell you a bit bout meee:

Fav. Color:  Black                                 Fav. Animal: Penguin
Fav. Food:   Buffalo Wings                Fav. number: 8
Name:  Allison!                                     Age: 12 — my birthday was yesterday!

Well that’s it for now! Biii

Won’t be on for a while… April 27, 2009

Posted by Umph in All about me.
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Hey guys, Umph here 😦 I won’t be on for a couple days…maybe like, two weeks. But the good news is, I am guaranteed to get my custom style sheet 😀 So that’s the good thing. OK, I’m adding a few workers to post while I’m gone, including BBFreeze and Allison. Bu-bye. I’ll be back soon 😦

Css Possibly Coming soon April 25, 2009

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Note: I wont be on for a while…please be patient…

Css is custom style sheet. That way I can personalize my blog and decorate it how I please! I am getting nine dollars from my daddy, so then I need about six more. Maybe I’ll have a tag sale, or just sell some old clothes. My best idea, I’ll open up a drink stand on my street and sell juice or some sort of drink. Maybe…BLOOD! What do you thing, Vampy? :F <<That’s Vampy. He says cool. But I need a good idea to get money! I live on a dead-end suburban street, and we don’t get a lot of traffic. What should I do?

What do you think I should do to earn money?