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My day: Written in incredible detail so you won’t get bored, and even color-coded! April 2, 2009

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First off, SCHOOL. Yep school was OK today. In chorus, it kinda sucked cause’ I was one of the only ones singing on our side. My friend, Ana, was singing pretty loud, too, but our voices were still drowned out by Mean Dumb & Dopey, AKA Andrew. Next I finally got together with my dream boy. Ana, you know it, so shut up lolz! But I’m not telling you who that is. Cough Cough Cam Cough cough. Man! I got a frog in my throat! Then we had gym, it was nice so we went outside to the field and playground. I played a game of dodge-ball with my ”boy pals”. Men-haha. But the funniest thing was when me and Cam started chasing Mean Dumb & Dopey with footballs. He kept trash talking us, so I NAILED him in the face as he came down the slide! At the end of the day, Cam made a bet w/the teacher. If only you could understand how hyper yet hilarious he is. Cam’s always hopping around and talking out and being hysterical. I’m the goody two shoes class clown, he’s the not so goody two shoes class clown. So Ms. ******* bet Cam, who just a big part in the class play, that if he kept his part until we preformed, she would give him 5 homework passes. If he lost it, he would lose recess for the rest of the year! OMG! The worst part is, I lost Cam for 9 days 😦 He’s acting all robotic and exaggerating his goody two shoe-ness. I asked him, ”Cam what’s up?” He goes, ”I am only supposed to speak when require or needed.” Oh well, he’s a jokester, he’ll snap out of it. Now, I’m writing a ”girl book” called The Lee Tess Diaries. Girls out there my like it, so soon I’ll post an excerpt. The story also teaches you lessons on respect, self-asteem and being yourself.



1. kara234 - April 2, 2009

i emailed wordpress b4 we knew it was u jeez

2. Slider 466 - April 2, 2009

lol!! I got freeked out when it said a.k.a Andrew!!! My name is Andrew!! Akward.

And do you live in NY??

Comment back at my site.

-Slider 466


3. Slider 466 - April 2, 2009

Go to Twilight chat

4. kara234 - April 2, 2009


5. ChocoPuddi - April 2, 2009

Nice blog you got here. 😀 Lots of interesting posts.

6. michf98 - April 2, 2009

are you the kind of girl that LOVEZ boys!?!? :mrgreen:

7. umphulump55 - April 2, 2009

Yes 😆

8. michf98 - April 2, 2009


9. bbfreeze♥ - April 2, 2009

LOL! Awesome post. Cool, I’d love to read your book! If you want, you could post it in the GGBC’s Submit Your Writing section. :mrgreen:

10. umphulump55 - April 2, 2009

Sure! I just have to type it up 😀

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