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Foofles: Updates and whats to come April 23, 2009

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Do you all know what a Foofle is? Do you know that lots of people are members? Well you can become one, too! Just wait a few days and you can register 😉

For all you Foofle members, were sorry the renovation is taking so long. But we have LOTS of cool things coming. Here’s a sneak peak of one of them:


Hmm..wonder what that is..anyways, another up-coming Foofle addition is the Foofle Gift Shop!! Here you can not only get support widgets, but even order a customized widget, name plate or header! And all of this is to be revealed Thursday, April thirtieth, on the Foofle Shop Grand Re-opening! Non-members, stop by to register your Foofle! It’s all going to happen April 30, at http://foofleshop.wordpress.com/



1. Slider 466 - April 24, 2009

Can I be an admin on your site? Kara is not allowed on WP anymore..

2. 15angel7 (Annie) - April 24, 2009

Oooooooooo Can’t wait until Foofle Shop reopens :mrgreen:
Umphy whats your email for wordpress? I’d like to have you as a worker on my site 🙂 I’ll add you soon!


3. Brry3321 - April 24, 2009

why is the blog protected?

4. umphulump55 - April 24, 2009

Slider: If u’d like to be admin, click the community events page and click the employment office page 😀
Annie: Great! My e-mail is Umphulump55@yahoo.com 😀
Brry3321: Well, I have to update all the Foofles and I’ve added some new things 😉

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