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Hi EvRyBoDy!!!! April 27, 2009

Posted by Allison in Uncategorized.

Hi ppl! I’m Allison. Umphulump made me an author! Isn’t she awesome?! Yeah well her site is www.umphulump55.wordpress.com! Oh wait.. Your already on her blog.. Well my blog www.8nosilla.wordpress.com! So since I’ll be workin here, I decided to tell you a bit bout meee:

Fav. Color:  Black                                 Fav. Animal: Penguin
Fav. Food:   Buffalo Wings                Fav. number: 8
Name:  Allison!                                     Age: 12 — my birthday was yesterday!

Well that’s it for now! Biii



1. Demi - April 27, 2009



2. doggyz111 - April 28, 2009

wat happen 2 umph? ill understand cuz im going through sometin right now ill tell u about me if u tell me about her i promise!!

3. ~Maya - April 29, 2009

HI Allie! And I think I already knew about your buffalo wing obsession 😛 Anyway, congrats becoming an author!!!

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