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Movies: Ones that Suck May 18, 2009

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Edit: Start submitting your pets into the aaanimal convention page now!

Umphulump here, listing some movies that deserve recognition…yep…

  1. First, that new movie with Eddie Murphy. Imagine me, or something like that. Yeah. Judging by the commercial it…MUST SUCK!! Really! E.M used to be the Chappelle of the 80’s. Now his career has gone downhill!

Well, that’s basically it…I don’t know what else to say! All of the new movies seem cool! What are your least favorite movies? Favorites? Which ones look cool? What was the last movie you saw?



1. michf98 - May 18, 2009

My favorite movie is The Parent Trap ( Linsey Lohan style ). My least favorite movie is Over The Hedge. Twilight SUCKED SO BAD. The book was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better.

2. Brry3321 - May 19, 2009

The Parent Trap,I know it but didnt watch it. I like Kong Fu Panda! I dont like… I dunno,I like alot of movies,Under dog,That museum movie with that guy and everything in the meseum comes to life at night,Open seseon,Open seseon 2,Wall E,and maybe some other movies.

3. michf98 - May 19, 2009

I’m going to see Night At The Museum 2

4. hannahgirl - May 19, 2009

hey ppl i like movies!!!!!

5. ~♥HorseLover1089♥~ - May 20, 2009

In order you asked them:
star trek
rl stines the haunting hour dont think about it
rocky horror picture show/young frankenstine
rl stines the haunting hour dont think about it


6. michf98 - May 20, 2009


7. michf98 - May 20, 2009

the movie, not the book, remember that XD

8. StarandWiifan - July 22, 2009

he Imagine That was a good movie. though it did suck in some parts.

9. StarandWiifan - July 22, 2009

oh THANK YOU 4 THE POPCORN BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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