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Goth Kitty: almost launched! May 19, 2009

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Meow! Hello! Goth Kitty is almost launched. Goth Kitty will be a funny series of animations and things, sorta like a mini-movie. She is a funny, sarcastic goth cat with best friend, Girly Kitty and annoying stalker, Mousker. Soon Goth Kitty will be launched. Meanwhile enjoy these funny pictures!

color fight!

Goth hula hoop





1. CuTeKaT - May 19, 2009

omg that dude looks cool jk he kinda looks creepy and weird (no o-fence to that dude in walmart ……………. with a hula hoop…………..in walmart………………..that looks weird…………..and creepy………………..and uhh idk omg dude no o-fence but lay off on the eyeliner and smilinmg lol jk so cool luv the pic idk i had alot of suger today so i’m wired crazy hiper baseicly i don’t even know how to spel;ll! omg i mean SPELL!!!!!! cool pant’s dude no o-fence!!!111lol!)
good bye.

2. drkshadow17 - May 20, 2009

no one hates hula hoops xD

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