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A Serious Post May 22, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Everyone, this is a serious post. Listen up and follow along 😐

For all of you here in The United States, you’re probably familiar with American Idol, right? Well Adam Lambert, the one who I wanted to win, did not win.  I know that a lot of people didn’t vote for him because they didn’t like his voice-I’m completely fine with that, that’s not the issue. One of the things I dislike about humans are how they take prejudice on race, appearance, religion, sexuality or gender. If humans did not judge people on anything, the Earth would be a like a different planet! If people did not vote for Adam based on his sexuality, they are mean- No-They are…beyond mean. Judging people on-well, anything, really, is just plain WRONG. Everyone in the world has the right to feel safe, feel loved, and feel at ease. And I’ll tell you, several people don’t feel any of those. Why, you may be asking? Because people take prejudice. So before you judge someone based on race, appearance, religion, etc, think about this: Earth is a team. Your teammates deserve just as much respect as you.



1. michf98 - May 22, 2009

I knew he was gay, but that wasn’t why I didn’t want him to win. He really didn’t have a good voice.

2. drkshadow17 - May 22, 2009

i am an adam fan 🙂

okay, i know you like him and all, but just cuz he didnt win doesnt mean its the end of the world. soon, no one will care about Kris. Adam is the real star. He can act AND sing so maybe he’ll be in moovies.

Adam is gonna be a rock star while kris will just die out. so dont worry 😀


3. Allie - May 22, 2009

im with michf98! and that’s kinda like how Obama is- everyone wants him to die or sum10 cuz he’s black

4. CuTe KaT - May 24, 2009

Ok let’s get this straight, Adam Lambert ROCKS! plain and simple.

5. drkshadow17 - May 25, 2009

yus, he does 🙂

6. CuTe KaT - May 26, 2009

Who care’s if the dude is gay so what that’s his chocie in life anyways adam still rocks and honestly he’s really cute! (i mean REALLY cute!)

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