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I Reviewed it…AnnieApple’s Blog May 26, 2009

Posted by Umph in Reviews.
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This is my first review! I reviewed http://annieapple.wordpress.com/ .

Content-This blog is run by Annie, a good friend of mine. She posts about once every 3-5 days. Her site revolves around her everyday life. Usually, her posts are comical and contain a thourough description of what she does. Her pages are updated regularly, and she has just enough to keep the reader occupied. There are sometimes gramatical errors, usually not too many. The only thing I wish Annie does was post a bit more, but other than that her content is great.

Design-It’s pretty evident, Annie has many, many site colors! Her sidebar is packed with  ”Annie Apple” widgets that go along with her header and add a rainbow effect. Below those is an about description, a blogroll & requirements and some other site widgets. The theme, Regulus, goes very well with her spunky attitude and seems PERFECT with her decorations.

So, now I’ll rate Annie‘s blog. The chosen score will be purple. as….

Poor Alright Average Great Pro



1. Annie - May 27, 2009

Yay thanks for reviewing my blog umph 😀

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