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Mystic Tomorrow! May 28, 2009

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We have a field trip tommarow! Our regular school schedual is, go in at 8:30 am EST. and leave at 3:30 pm EST. When we go on our field trip, we’ll go from 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST! The day I went to Mystic with my family, it was such a memorable day. First off It was incredibly beautiful that day, blue skies and the sun shining down. We got lost on the way, but when we found the place I was so excited! Then we went inside. I got a photo taken of me holding a toucan!! It was amazing! Next we looked at some fish, and found a sting-ray tank. They removed the stingers and I got to pet the slimy thing, which was really cool.After that, we saw an impressive Sea Lion show with cute seals and sea lions doing crazy stunts in a pool!!Then we had lunch. After lunch we saw big white manatees swimming back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth over and over! They were like robots! Then we took a walk across this bridge and saw these frogs, snakes and back-swimmers in a pond. And guess what we did next? Saw Jelly Fish! They were just swimming soooo slooooowly. We left But then saw the Mystic Sea Port. There were a bunch of old boats and vessels. It was really great. I’m sooo excited! We get to watch a movie in the bus on the way there, I can play my Nintendo D.S, and listen to my IPod. Then when we get there, we separate into groups, and can go ANYWHERE in the aqarium(the gift shop, the sea lions, the jellyfish tanks)!!!!!! EEEP!!!!! I’m bringing a camera and I might be able to show you some pics. Bye bye!



1. Allie - May 28, 2009

I hate sealions and seals…THE EAT PENGUINS :[[[[[[[ *cry*
sigh… 😆 OOO omg thats wut happend to us with the times! It was our first year to have 2 field trips were we gat back at 5:00! OMG but some 7th grades when to Six Flags (a roller coaster park) and they get back at 10:00PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. TinkerBell - May 28, 2009

remember me and sheara are in ur group tomarrow.
luv the one and only ana your b ff 4 life!

3. umphulump55 - May 29, 2009

Oh yeah, i remember! You-me-Sheara-cameron and maybe rachel.

4. TinkerBell - May 29, 2009

hey go on x chat

5. Allie - May 29, 2009

Your article and comic is due this weekend! It’s okay if its not all that great, I’m still happy if you get it turned in. Thanks!

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