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Ahahaha! May 30, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Hola-I’m here! The trip was SO fun!!!!!! I could describe it so thoroughly, but I’m not in the mood. But ok, I’ll describe the bus ride. We had a TRICKED OUT bus!!!! 1, it was twice the size of a regular bus. 2, the seats were velvety. 3, it had a bathroom in the back! 4, the seats had armrests. 5, there were mini-TVs everywhere! It was sooooo cool! I got new shoes!! I’m upset, though because these were my old favorite shoes that I’m growing out of…http://www.mamstore.co.uk/templates/imagedirectory/DCShoes_Pixie3Ladies(BlkPink)Large.gif and I don’t want to give them up 😦 I tried to get shoes that look the closest to my old ones, here they are: http://www.scorpionshoes.co.uk/ebay/images/Dc%20Shoes/Dc%20Pixie3%20White%20Cp%20White.jpg They are nice, huh? I like them so far. That’s it…bye-bye.



1. Allie - May 30, 2009

That was a charter bus! there so cool!

2. TinkerBell - May 30, 2009

omg u know how i took tones of pics at mystic right well i was trying to delete a pic that was all blurry so instead of pressing delete single i pressed delete ALL on mistake now i have no pics of the field trip:(

3. michf98 - May 30, 2009

these are the shoes I wear http://www.chucksconnection.com/tenbest.html
these are the laces I have for them

yes, I know I wear awesome shoes XD

4. Allie - May 31, 2009

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