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I need funny-and fast! May 31, 2009

Posted by Umph in Funny.
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Eek! Look at my humor rating-35! That’s terrible! My best was once 14! So, let’s be funny! You’re not funny at all. Uh-oh. Here comes trouble. You should just quit, I can make a WAY better joke. That’s SO not true. Let’s have a Yo Momma Contest. Kay, you’re on. If I loose, you get bragging rights and I won’t bother you. If I win, I get your blog! Lets go. Yo Momma so stupid she went to self-portrait class and drew the guy next to her. Yo Momma so stupid the phone rang so she opened the door and said, ”whose there?” Yo Momma so stupid she counted all the prime numbers up to 2 and found 7. Yo Momma so stupid she can’t spell ”a”. Yo Momma so fat she hopped on a roller coaster and the ride attendant said ”sorry. Weight limit, half of you.” Uh-oh…I don’t have any more. I win! In your FACE! Not fair! You stole some of mine! No, you are me, you stole some of mine. Nu-uh! Yeah-huh! No, because you hacked into my blog and ate my chocolate chip cookies. What the? That’s completely irrelevant! Oh, so now you’re calling my cookies names? Go to school, you idiot. Make me, hippy. Shut up, you mother-mouthed rabbit! You shut up, you rubbery cheese! Hop off your stick, lollypop, and get a life. I have a life. Unlike you with your stupid blog. ”Oh, I’m typing, what me press these letters, watch me enter this post, oh, just got a comment!” I don’t have a life? Last time I checked, talking to figures of my imagination is pretty darn cool. Checked where? Internet for dummies? You just proved it! I can read! And you can’t! Stupid baggy-shirt hippy. Bun-faced fanny wiper. Stinky pant-sprinkler. Quarter-depositing little child who has nothing else to do but bug me and deposit quarters into the machine, then POP. I slip out and thump you in the eye. You’re just a frothy-mouthed, six-pawed, demon-eyed chatterbox!!! Haha! Umpalump66 is gone! Yes!



1. brry3321 - June 1, 2009


2. hannahgirl88 - June 1, 2009

oh my gosh, i wish i was as funny as you!!!!

3. forevernothing - June 2, 2009


4. StarandWiifan - August 19, 2009


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