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Pirate Dictionary June 6, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Ahoy mateys! Or in normal english, ”Hello, friends.” Pirates talk kinda funny, so I’ll give you a definition of most pirate words 😀

  1. Ahoy=Hello
  2. Mateys=Friends
  3. Land Lubbers=Losers/Misfits
  4. Aye=Okay
  5. Swash Buckler=Creep
  6. Thar=There
  7. She=Boat/Vessel

Pretty cool, huh? Now the surfer dictionary!

  1. Dude=Friend
  2. Gnarly=Awesome
  3. Totally=Yeah/definately
  4. Chillax=Relax/Cool down

Next, the cat dictionary!

  1. Meow=Hello
  2. Meow=Friends
  3. Meow=Awesome
  4. Meow=Bad

Aye, enjoy these gnarly words, mateys.



1. Annie - June 7, 2009

Ahoy Umph 😀
Your 2 glowing name plates are ready for pick up! Visit the page where you ordered them and scroll down to see them! If there is anything wrong with them I can fix it for you 😉

Meow. 😆

2. lunaswebkinz - June 7, 2009

My sister is a swash buckler

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