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This post doesn’t have a title! June 10, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Lately, I’ve seen some fights about religions(no one specific). But there’s no right or wrong religion. Some people believe in God, or Buda, or are atheists. Whichever one it is doesn’t matter. The first amendment reads ”freedom of religion”. So you can prey, worship, or do whatever it wants when it comes to religion. But one thing not to do is to judge people or try to change their minds. If you believe in God, fine. Case closed. If you don’t believe in God, okay. Case closed. So here’s a little poem I made up, about peace.

Christian, Catholic, whatever it may be. Your religion is fine with me.

No right, no wrong. That’s my song.

There are facts. Some are like that.

Some are opinions, to disobeying minions.

But judge me not, by what’s in my mind.

The thing that should matter is whats inside ♥

I’m okay with whatever you may believe. For if you are not, you can just leave.

Peace is like laws. Everyone has there flaws.

Alone, we are nothing. Together, we’re something.

We can rid the world of one crucial flaw. By respecting other’s religions,

We create peace. We create happiness. We hold the world’s most beautiful things.

Now release into the sky, let it flap its wings.

Thanks for listening 😀 If this post offended you, I’m sorry.



1. shyshy6510 - June 10, 2009


2. shyshy6510 - June 10, 2009

My blog is back!! Please visit it I will be editing tons of things and adding some new stuff too!! I would love for some ideas from YOU and maybe some support.If you are wondering why I closed it before it was because school was in the way,but summer is here and I have time now.

3. drkshadow17 - June 11, 2009

kewl poem! luv it. shows how ppl are like…mean. like how people hate gays nd lesbians and stuff, those people are just rude. (not sayin i am one)

4. Sssaam - June 11, 2009

Wow, that’s really beautiful. I’m glad you fall in the minority of peace and acceptance. This post is so true for everyone. Although it doesn’t pertains to a distinct ethnicity, it still gives off that feel. I’m subject to a bit of criticism every day due to my religion. I’ve been called a few names, and been open to a few harsh opinions set in stone. What I really hate is when someone thinks one thing about a religion, which is completely incorrect, and believes it no matter what you tell them. It’s hard to change someone’s thoughts and hatred. Thank you for speaking your mind, your word, and your opinion.

The Panic Button

5. hannahgirl88 - June 11, 2009

is 😀 Umph 😀 and umphulump55 the same person???? i’m just woundring

6. ♥Bbfreeze - June 11, 2009

I’ve been waiting for someone to post about something like this! I mean, judging someone about what they believe or think is totally wrong, and Umph is completely right about what’s inside is what matters most! I agree with you 100%!

And in reply to Drkshadow, I agree with you too! Tons of people who watch American Idol voted for Kris because of Adam being gay. Honestly, NOTHING is wrong with that — it doesn’t affect him being an extremely talented person, and nobody can change that. He was born that way — he can’t help it — and he is a true American Idol, someone who is unique, outstanding, and a huge role model for me and tons of others.


7. hannahgirl88 - June 11, 2009

i’m guessing they are because they have the same avatar

8. Tilliewager910 - June 12, 2009

Well, not all religions save you. 😥

9. :D Umph :D - June 12, 2009

Hannah-Lol, both me.
Tille-Oh, i’m sorry Tillie, i didnt mean to offend anyone! Please dont take this the wrong way but…you expressed your religious opinions, so i should be able to express mine.

10. TinkerBell - June 12, 2009

i luv the poem!

11. hannahgirl88 - June 13, 2009

me too!
hello i like buttered toast.

12. hannahgirl88 - June 19, 2009

umphulump, thank you for being the nicest person you are. did you say that your great uncle made anaconda? my great uncle works on CBS! he went to diffrent pplaces lkike africa and other places because he worked with surviver! two of my pets died a couple mouths ago 😥

13. fellarina - June 24, 2009

lol I love the poem!!!!

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