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Sponges are people, too! June 12, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a couple days, but I’ve had a busy schedule. See, June is the BIGGEST month for me. I’m having my science fair on the 16th, getting an award on the 17th, registering for dance on the 18th, getting my Six Flags Season Pass next week, having a grade picnic on the 22nd, having field day on the 23th, and presenting my comic book on the 24th. So busy! But, I’ve invented a robot to help me 😀 His name is Phil…and he…he doesn’t do anything yet…BUT I have to program him! Man, wait until you see what he’ll do! *Man, how am I going to build a robot? I can’t even operate a toaster!* Oh, uh…that’s…just uh…Hey look, a sponge! You know, sponges are people, like you…not me, though, I’m not a person. I’m an alien… 😯 But people abuse sponges-like some squishy, wet thing used for scrubbing dishes! It’s-it’s-terrible! I’m not exaggerating. I mean, sure, they may not have eyelids, but there people! What’s the use? I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you something that you, or me, will never EVER forget!! Oh wait…I just forgot XD Alright then, I’m blasting off.



1. ~Maya - June 12, 2009

That was very kinda randomish!! ^.^

2. hannahgirl88 - June 12, 2009

this is the last day of school for me!!! OMG you have many more days of school! i feel so bad!

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