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Science Fair June 15, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Oh bagels! I just forgot my science project. I had brought it to show you, but these streets get awful dangerous after 6:00 pm. I was attacked by a baboon of some sort (I honestly don’t know, I just saw a big rainbow bottom) and I dropped my project. Oh well, accidents happen. So it was a circuit. We put it in a box and made a switch for the passers buyer so they can light the bulb. We also made a Power Point Slide-show. You must be asking ”why a circuit? Why not something cooler.” Well, it is actually pretty cool if you saw it. And we were going to capture a hobo and study it’s natural behavior, but all of the hobos and our city ran off after the baboon attacks. Also I don’t have a clue how I would catch one of those people. It’s also pretty stupid-so just forget it. It was a joke, I got no laughs, big whoop, be quiet. I’ve never had a science fair, so I’m nervous. I hope people don’t bug me about my cast. I hate when people get all sympathetic for you, ”oh! Poor you, you have a cast!” Just mind your own darn business, ya know. I’m not complaining. I fell in my pool the other day…that was funny…And I broke two toes, or at least I think so. No one believes me, BUT no one believed me about my thumb and look who’s in a big hot pink cast right now. LOOK. Uh…I’m feeling kind of bored…Oh, yes. I have an announcement. I want to start something big, like a food fund for people who don’t have any food. I’m thinking of naming it, The What’s for Eats Program, hunger’s worst enemy. People can donate non-perishable food items and I can donate them to poor families in the U.S. I just want to be a part of something bigger than myself(and trust me, I’m really tiny)but I don’t want it to completely interfere with my life. If I joined the army I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dreams of being a writer and/or Forensic Pathologist. Okay, this is already too many words. Bu-bye.



1. TinkerBell - June 16, 2009

i luv luv luved your project!

2. :D Umph :D - June 17, 2009

Thanks Ana!

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