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Our contest is closed June 21, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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That’s correct. Congrats to WiiFan of http://wf7102.wordpress.com/ Hopefully he will be posting soon. If you’re listening Wiifan, the rules for posting are: 

  1. No rudeness, swearing, or being really disgusting.
  2. Don’t post like a million posts in one day
  3. For categories, pick other than Umph.

Next, cheese. I hope I can go to Six Flags today. If I can’t, I’m gonna cry. Waa! Nevermind, tears annoy me. I found some stuff out about myself. Here’s a list of them:

  1. I like corny movies
  2. I LOVE baked patatoes
  3. I love watching Blue’s Clues

Weird, huh? Ahh! It’s a member of the Baboon Hobo Smuggling Rink! Eeeeeek! *Grabs broom* *Whacks* *Gets bitten* *Becomes all rabid and frothy* *Goes insane* Eeeeeeegaaaa!!! *Grabs 2 foot long meat stick* Meat, meat meat! *Whacks old lady* Raaagaaaa!!! Eeeegaaa!! *Eats meat* Mie Meeet! Yu goz awayz! Raaaaar!

Finally, a shout-out to my one-and-only dad! He’s always been there for me. From the day I was born, to just last night, my dad is always so caring! I love you dad!



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