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thx Umph! =D June 21, 2009

Posted by StarandWiifan in Uncategorized.

UPDATE: the thing on the bottom dosen’t work. (it used too) I deleted it

hey! This is Tucker, the new admin on Ga. (Also you can call me Wiifan.) My blog is http://w710v2.wordpress.com I wanna thank Umphulump for choosing me as the winner of the contest! 🙂

oh, and just for amusment…


~WIIFAN7 10~







1. drkshadow17 - June 21, 2009

oh, the wedings thing? i saw it a few months ago. it was scary

2. brry3321 - June 22, 2009

Lol,the frog 😆

3. timberwolfer21 - June 22, 2009

hobo thing does show…. what’s wrong with it?

4. StarandWiifan - June 22, 2009

*reply to Timberwolfer*
it’s not that, I tried to copy and paste the Webdings thing from the SCARY!! post. It just showed the regular letters.

5. StarandWiifan - June 22, 2009


~wiifan7 10~

6. doggyz111 - June 22, 2009

…b-but i love hobos! JK!!! omg im so strange lol 😆

7. Dippy - July 31, 2009

Its not theyre fault theyre homeless… you cant blamne them.. and its not nice to make fun of them

~Nev on demis account

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