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Umph’s comin back! July 29, 2009

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Hello! dis is Tucker, with exciting news! I cheked the communtity events, and it said Umph is coming back tomorrow from camp! Yay! Things around here have been lonely without Umph, and I’m happy she’s back! WHO’S WITH ME? tons of ppl should be raising their hands… ~Tucker~


okay July 29, 2009

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okay im having a vote on my blog.its cuz i need new site colors.if u like umphs blog then u  should come to mine lots of people like it! and i need u to vote for wich colors i should have.please vote! ur vote counts just as much as the next persons does. lol no im sounding like im running for presadant. lol. “I WANT TO BE PERSADANT AND IF U VOTE FOR DIPPY’S COLOR POLL THEN I POMISE U A MONKEY AND ICE CREAM!” lol. if u like ice cream and monkeys then u will vote 😀 okay well if u want a monkey and ice cream heres the link to get that lol.



am i becoming more popular? July 26, 2009

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am i becoming more popular? cuz in my last post i had a total of 5 or 6 comments not including mine! do u think im becoming more popular or was it just cuz the topic was interesting and u just had that feeling that u should comment about it?hmmm if thats the case then i am posting about more interesting stuff from now on!hmm should i start now?hmm yes i think i will!

if you have a webkinz or a really good stuffed animal then finish reading this post.if not u can still read  it but u will get bored.

okay so this is how to make a webkinz (or a good stuffed animal) a bed.

first: grab a empty box.

second: grab a small pillow about the size of the box (if u dont have that then use a peice of fabric or a small blanket)then put it on the bottom of the box.

third:use a small pillow and place it on top.

forth:put a blanket or a small towal on top as the blanket.

And you have your bed! thx!

My First Motorcycle Ride! July 25, 2009

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Yesterday, i had my first motorcycle ride! My uncle, just learned how to ride a Motorcycle!  it was so cool! i was a little scared about how sharp the turns were, but it was still coooooll!

Tucker’s MixPod! July 24, 2009

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Hello, lovers of Ga! This is tucker, once again! Lots of people have these things called MixPods, just a playlist of your favorite songs and everybody can hear them. There used to be Jango Jukeboxs. I started that whole craze on my old blog. And I think Luhy or someone else started the MixPods. (Umph has a MixPod in the Party Room.. It’s under Community Events.) The Jango Jukeboxs did have your favorite artists on it. But they played the same songs over and over again, some you didn’t like. Now you can put your fav songs on the MixPod. Click here to go to my MixPod.


P.S. If you see some comments, a 30-year-old bear has been hacking my account. I’ve been trying to not hack my account. But I’ll just try try again