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New Site Colors and Koalas July 2, 2009

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I have three new permanent site colors! Black, Pink and Lime Green! So exciting! When I get my CSS I am going to make (almost) everything those colors. Now I want to talk about Koalas. They sleep for soooo long! It’s like snore, eat, poop, snore, eat, poop. Ridiculous, eh? They move really slow, too. Imagine being stuck in traffic behind a sleepy Koala! That would NOT be very fun. Now imagine them falling asleep on their car horn, so you just hear hoooooooooooonk while you’re stuck behind the Koala. HeHe, HaHa! I gOtS lOtS oF bAhAhA.



1. Patrick - July 2, 2009

Hey what’s up!? Could you check out my site at http://www.patrickssite.net ? That would be SWEET! xD Bye!

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