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Roller Skates July 10, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Wee! I Roller Skating, watch me go! *Skates, hits walls, cries* Waaa! Why did I hit the wall? Curse you gravity! I’ll be leaving to camp soon and the least you can do is make sure I don’t get injured! Here’s the countdown til’ I leave:


The contest will happen on July 19th to the 29th. The contest will happen no matter what, and everyone wil enter no matter what. Okay, I guess I’ll tell you what it is 🙄 The person who comments the most while I’m gone(it doesn’t matter which page or post you comment on)will win a special prize. Remember, it starts on the 20th.



1. JacksonZ - July 10, 2009

L4D 2!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, is it for a 360? cuz if i figure out the xbox live stuff maybe we can play multi-player together! i cant wait for the blood and zombies! 🙂
Umph Replies: Yeah, my brother Jacob has the 360 and he lets me play sometimes. I like annoying his friends XD When it comes out I’ll need to get my hands on it somehow 😈 Muhuhahaha!

2. JacksonZ - July 10, 2009

yay, wha contest?

3. Dippy - July 10, 2009

i thought it started the 19th 😕

4. JacksonZ - July 10, 2009

i think i meet the blogroll requirements… so add me! i am adidng u and the lohy guy(or girl) IDK LOL

5. Dippy - July 10, 2009

whos lohy ohhh you mean luhy?

6. JacksonZ - July 10, 2009

yeah lol

7. Tinkerbell - July 11, 2009


8. Annie - July 11, 2009

Heya Umph!! I’m having a contest on my site, please have a look and maybe enter :mrgreen: Thanks!


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