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BARNEY?! D: July 15, 2009

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Hello, this is your one and only…TUCKER!



your supposed to clap.



*cricket chirps* shut up cricket…AH FINE forget it. So those two pages I will make today…or tomorrow…or the next day…or the next day…or the day after the next day…you’ll never know…OR WILL YA! in other words…the last time we saw Barney, he was in the first Γ@πÐÖM ρÖSτ @H€@Ð. And I did somethin’ to him…and everybody who read it was maybe thinking “OMG NOT BARNEY!” then grabs a paper bag to hyperventilate in. well barney is not dead…almost…I took away his cookie…never take away his cookie…it was chocolate chip…his favorite…AND I STOLE IT! so watch out 4 barney…’cause he’s out there…





1. shyshy6510 - July 15, 2009

dont take away his cookie.. or ill bite u!


2. «Jackson ♫♪♪ - July 16, 2009

Here’s ya answer Umphulump:

Try keeping them all in your suitcase or backpack and keep it under your bunk or in a special place. If you lose something check the lost and found if they have one.

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