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How do people come up with these? July 21, 2009

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i was just woundering “how do people come up with these usernames?” i know this is a short post but comment on this and tell the story of how you came up with your username! i will tell mine here. HannahGirl88 = i just wanted a username with my name in it. and the 88 was because i got a blog. i am exided to her yours comment now!



1. Sssaam - July 21, 2009

I played Club Penguin a loooooooong time ago. When I was first thinking of a username for CP, I tried all different combinations of my name, “Sam”. I ended with Sssaam, a simple 6 letter username that is very uncommon on the internet. I made my WordPress account, Sssaam, when I wanted to try out WordPress and see what it was all about. That’s pretty much it!

2. StarandWiifan - July 21, 2009

now I have 2 usernames, my old one, Wiifan7 10, is the most popular. I tried Club Penguin out on April 2008, but I had to make a name for my penguin. I just made it clear and simple, Wiifan7 10. I liked playing the Wii, and my favorite numbers were 7 and 10.
Now for my newst one, Raz0rEdge. After over a year on CP, I got tired of it. I tried another online multiplayer game, Whyville. I had to have another name than Wiifan7 10. I got tired of it. So I picked out through 7 names. (I really was into the progressive rock zone when I did these.) Dream2Liv (my fav band, Dream Theater) BigBang31 (one of my fav shows, The Big Bang Theroy. It’s on CBS.) Genesis76 (another of my fav bands, Genesis.) PoRcUp1nE (my 2nd fav band, Porcupine Tree) Raz0rEdge (the last part on Dream Theater’s song, Octavarium.) and 6Degrees. (Dream Theater’s Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance.) I picked Raz0rEdge. That’s really it.

from tucker
also known as Wiifan7 10 & Raz0rEdge

3. Tinkerbell - July 21, 2009

well i also have ”2” usernames the one i use alot is tinkerbell. and my other is cutekat.
now i origanally chose tinkerbell because evr since i was a little girl i loved t-bell. and cutekat is because cats are cute lol.

4. brry3321 - July 22, 2009

I play club penguin and it was hard to pick out a name and the good ones were taken. Then I thought “Why not some kind of fruit?” 😆 I went for “Berry3321” but misssed the “e”. But now,I don’t mind. If I could change the name(Maybe I can but I don’t know),I wouldn’t cuz I don’t want to bother my mom because it’s her E-mail. The “3321” was because I thought “321” or “123” was taken.

5. haleylauren - July 22, 2009

Mine is my first and middle name lol.
I feel odd cause my comment is the shortest lol

6. HannahGirl88 - July 22, 2009

now it isn’t. now i feel weird. lol!

7. Allie - July 22, 2009

Well my acualy user name is 8nosilla. I would be allison8 but it was taken, and since im odd (in my opinion) so i also like backwards things. my favorite number is 8. so therefor 8nosilla!

8nosillallison8 teehee

8. Emily - July 22, 2009

I just put my name in front of my favorite city and the city I’m living in, it also happens to be my best friends name 😀

9. Chloe - July 23, 2009

Okie, kk well, right now I’m just Chloe online but my old username, icedeburd, i’ll explain that.
In March 2008 when i created my club penguin username I wanted it to be ‘icedbird’ but I made constant typo’s so it ended up being icedeburd :mrgreen:

10. hannahgirl88 - July 23, 2009

i love these stories! i wounder what umphulump’s is… lol!

11. hannahgirl88 - July 23, 2009

i got another username! i use this one A LOT it is Tender2000 i first got this username on Beanie Babies. i wanted Tender, the reason, i don’t know, lol it was taken then my dad said, what year were you born? i said 2000! so my user name for club penguin is Tender2000 Beanie babies Tender2000 webkinz, tender2000 see how common i use it?

12. Starduust - July 24, 2009

I got my username, by one night, I was watching a movie and are the computer at the same time, Anyway the movie was called Stardust. and I was on wordpress, looking at someone CP blog, and so I signed up but Stardust was taken so I added one u in it.

13. ~♥HorseLover1089♥~ - July 27, 2009

Mine is easy. The first part is obvious – i love horses. For the 1089*its pronounced one oh eight nine not ten eighty nine or one thousand eighty nine* part, the 10 is the month of October and my fave holiday Halloween is in october. the 8 is because i was 8 when i started horseback riding and the 9 is because I was 9 when i started WP

14. Lippy - July 29, 2009

Hmmmm, okay, I have a lot of names. Lyriana, SummerGirl10, Snow Cloud99, Lippy.

Ever heard of WOW? It stands for World of Warcraft. It is an expensive computer game that my mother used to have, and I had two characters on it, Layaria and Alyni. I randomly made up those names for it, maybe from different names, I don’t know. Then I started Club Penguin, but I had no idea what to name my penguin, so I decided to name it after one of my WOW characters. The only problem was, I couldn’t remember what my players name was, and I wanted to name it after Layaria, so i named it Lyriana. the same day I made Alyni, same idea. Then, I started reading The 39 Clues, and I made an account on-line. I wanted a different username, not Lyriana, and it was during the Summer and I love Summer so I named myself SummerGirl10. So I changed my name to SummerGirl10. Then, like I said in my post about changing my name I got bored with those names so I made up a random name, Snow Cloud99. That sounded totally Lame with a capital ‘L’. I was kind of getting jealous because you guys all have teriffic names that you got to first, and I am not allowed to use my real name (For the few of you who know my name be email, don’t you agree that I am probably the only person in the world to have it?) so I decided to make a name up from one of your names. My fave’s are (yup, still are) Umphulump, Bbfreeze, Dippy. I decided I liked Dippy the best so I named myself Lippy.

ps. This was looong! I bet its the longest one here!!

15. :D Umph :D - August 14, 2009

When i started Webkinz, i had a polar bear. When it said ”choose your username” i mistake it for ”choose your pets name”. I tried Icy, Frosty and Icicle. they were all taken. Finally, i thought of bears, then winnie the pooh. I thought of ”Hephelump” . So i made my username ”Umphulump”. When i started my blog, i used 55 because thats my street number. so now, almost all of my usernames are Umphulump, Umphulump55 or Umph. my name is pronounced Um-Fa-Lump.

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