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Tucker’s MixPod! July 24, 2009

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Hello, lovers of Ga! This is tucker, once again! Lots of people have these things called MixPods, just a playlist of your favorite songs and everybody can hear them. There used to be Jango Jukeboxs. I started that whole craze on my old blog. And I think Luhy or someone else started the MixPods. (Umph has a MixPod in the Party Room.. It’s under Community Events.) The Jango Jukeboxs did have your favorite artists on it. But they played the same songs over and over again, some you didn’t like. Now you can put your fav songs on the MixPod. Click here to go to my MixPod.


P.S. If you see some comments, a 30-year-old bear has been hacking my account. I’ve been trying to not hack my account. But I’ll just try try again



1. 101LiSaRoX101 - August 5, 2009

hey nice website i was wonder how do you edit your home page and how did you get the picture on there where has all your pages

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