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am i becoming more popular? July 26, 2009

Posted by Dippy in Uncategorized.

am i becoming more popular? cuz in my last post i had a total of 5 or 6 comments not including mine! do u think im becoming more popular or was it just cuz the topic was interesting and u just had that feeling that u should comment about it?hmmm if thats the case then i am posting about more interesting stuff from now on!hmm should i start now?hmm yes i think i will!

if you have a webkinz or a really good stuffed animal then finish reading this post.if not u can still read  it but u will get bored.

okay so this is how to make a webkinz (or a good stuffed animal) a bed.

first: grab a empty box.

second: grab a small pillow about the size of the box (if u dont have that then use a peice of fabric or a small blanket)then put it on the bottom of the box.

third:use a small pillow and place it on top.

forth:put a blanket or a small towal on top as the blanket.

And you have your bed! thx!



1. jingle - February 10, 2010

how r u?
happy 2010!

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