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Haha Morning August 9, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

Good morning, world. Umphulump here for our first Haha Morning, every Sunday morning. Today we’ll open with some Icanhazacheezburger pictures. Enjoy.

Yoda funny

The few, the proud, the marines

jonas brothers


Finally, we have a Dumb Blonde Joke. I’m dirty blonde, it’s different for me.

A blonde walks into a libraryand shouts ”CAN I HAVE SOME FRIES?!!!” The librarian says, ”this is a library….” ”Oh…” The blonde whispers, ”can I have some fries?”

That’s all for today. Remember,

haha mornings



1. Dippy - August 9, 2009

Love the last picture 😀 i h8 the JB they STINK! (no offence 2 people who like them but they really dont have talent and are NOT cute)

2. haleylauren - August 10, 2009

o m geee i rolled over laughing at the JB picture!!!!!!! Thanks fpr a great HAHA morning Umph!

3. cutecookie11 - August 10, 2009

hay emma those were some funny pics the jb pic was funny to but this is embarrasing i like there music and the jonas bros are freaking hot!!! there so hot that if you touch them your hand will burn to a crisp they are hot!!!!

4. StarandWiifan - August 11, 2009

The Haha Morning are like my Random Post Aheads that I have on my blog. But if I get a new email adress (which I probably will get) I’ll make a new blog. (My third one in general. XD)
P.S. I’m a dirty blonde too…but still people cannot think that a McDonalds is in a library.

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