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Some new updates that you CANNOT miss! August 11, 2009

Posted by Umph in Updates.

Hello everyone of Earth, Stratosophere and beyond. I have some exciting updates that I must share with you. Do you remember that R.LO.OB.SW page? Well I’m proud to announce that it’s now a subpage under a whole Ga Green Program! For September, we’ll be having a contest. It’s a Ga Green contest. You can enter at any time during September, and currently, it’s August. Yes. I am smart. You are a Beaver. You can’t count to three. Now, please visit the Ga Green page for further details about our contest 😀 Another update, I’m sorry about not being ontop of Swamp Cabin two. I’ll finish it soon. Once I complete, we will have a Book of the Month thing, where you can vote for your favorite story and see it become Book of the Month. Pretty exciting shtuff, huh? Now it’s time for an eye test.

eye testCan you see that? I hope so, or else your kinda slow in the head. I’m feeling kind of talkative, so I might as well talk some more. Today, I’ll be preparing to get this thing called a Pump. I have Diabetes, meaning my Pancreas does not make this liquid called insulin. So I need to take shots everyday to get the insulin in. But, the Pump is just a little machine with a needle in it. You put the needle in either your arm, leg, lower back, belly or bum. Then you don’t need another shot for another 3 days! After you eat, you just type in the amount of insulin you need on the Pump, and it gives it to you, no shot! When you go swimming or take a shower, you just pull the Pump off. It’s so awesome. I don’t know what color of Pump to get, though. It comes in black, pink, blue, purple, clear or smoke. Then I can buy a skin to cover it if I want. What color of Pump should I get?



1. StarandWiifan - August 11, 2009


2. StarandWiifan - August 11, 2009

P.S. Systematic Chaos is the BEST Dream Theater album ever!

3. brry3321 - August 12, 2009

I love pink,blue,and purple! I think purple!

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