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New title? August 14, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of changing up my blog’s title and it’s appearance. I mean, the hole ”Ga” thing was cool and all, but I kind of want to change it up. Take this pole please.

If I decide to change everything, here are some of the things I was thinking of:

  1. Night Light; We wish you sweet and sour dreams
  2. Hipnotwister; Experience a world of difference
  3. I am Emma; I’m a Diabetic Punk-Hippy and I’m ready to take on life.

Those are some of my options. So vote!



1. ~Maya - August 14, 2009

I think you should change it 🙂

..OMG! Love the walrussy comment box xD

Umph Replies: XD Walrusses rule.

2. Sssaam - August 14, 2009

Hypnotwister sounds cool!

3. Madz - August 14, 2009

You should change it to Hypnotwister, it sounds cool and catchy. 😉

4. lunaswebkinz - August 14, 2009

Don’t change it!

What does GA stand for/mean? Germany?

5. ~♥HorseLover1089♥~ - August 14, 2009

Sssam: i know seriously hypnotwister would ROCK

6. Dunya - August 14, 2009

what is ga? i’m absolutely clueless lol

7. :D Umph :D - August 14, 2009

Ga is just a random word, lol.

8. drkshadow17/drk - August 14, 2009

options 2&3 sound good 😀

9. lunaswebkinz - August 15, 2009


10. Sssaam - August 18, 2009

@Dunya You know, I GA, you GA, we GA? Ga! It’s like an exclamation. If something scares you or you’re surprised you say “ga!” or “oh my ga!”

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