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Vegtables August 20, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

I’m getting a domain! That means this site will no longer be https://umphulump55.wordpress.com/ , but something different. Here are some things I was thinking of.

  • Eleventys1x.com (weird, huh?)
  • Umphssite.come
  • Allyouneedisrandom.com
  • Gabyumph.com

Which one should I make it you think?

Okay, now onto a different subject. Here are vegtables and their personallitys.

  • Carrots-Beautiful; loved by most
  • Broccoli-Smart and good with advice
  • Peas-Small by have big hearts
  • Brussel Sprouts-Hated by all. Stinky, stupid balls of ickiness

And that’s today’s post.



1. ►Raz0rEdge◄ - August 21, 2009

allyouneedisrandom.com that’s my choice. (You do knoow you have to pay $15 a year to get a domain.)
~Raz0r~ or Wiifan…or Tucker…

2. ~♥HorseLover1089♥~ - August 22, 2009

i like brussel sprouts!
and its not vegtable, its vegetable.

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