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Header Mix-Up August 29, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

Hello Earthlings. I’m trying to make a new header, but it’s not really working that well. Hopefully I’ll have my new header up soon. In other totally unrelated news, school is starting soon! This will be my first year as a middle schooler. Any suggestions on how I can be, you know, not dorky? I was up all last night decorating my backpack with pins and junk. So far, I have one goth HelloKitty pin, one cute monkey pin, one skull pin and a fuzzy pink seal hanging from the zipper xD OH NO, HELLO KITTY FELL OFF! Back to subject, school. I’m trying not to be a doof. But that’s pretty hard especially since I’m a hardcore doof inside. We have school uniforms at my school >:P But I’m getting creative with them. I have funky socks to wear with skirts and awesome schoes. Oh, and I’m temporarily dying my sidebangs blue. Yes. Actually, it’s called tripped up turquois. Here’s a picture: http://images5.sortprice.com/img/7012/YCelJAisWXqVwp7yliG Tell me that’s not awesome. These are my shweet new shoes. http://images1.lkimg.com/product-images–382776c20de2be458bb6c3a3033214e27e3d0daf-d16932272a1c1dd5–jpg_sqthumb_med–womensshoes-punkrose-shoes-women-apos-s-sneakers-klean-style-73224.jpg I wish I could make that picture bigger :/ Okay, my fingers are about to pass out. See ya later, peeps 😉



1. HannahGirl88 - August 29, 2009

look like your already lookin’ cool with the hair, supplies, and the shoes! 1.if they allow ipod’s in the hallways, always listin to it!
2.gather up with some friends and always hang out!
3. if there are bullies in the school, and they try to pick on u (they probubley woun’t because ur so awesome!) walk forward and ignore. after class, tell a teacher personally, but if they hit, tell a teacher imediatly. but no one wants to get caught telling a teacher if someone called u a name or somthing
4.if u go for a sport or soimething,always practice and be the best out of all of them.
5. always be nice while ur being cool. because being nice, is cool. hope this helps. -hannah 🙂

2. shyshy6510 - August 29, 2009

kewl you got punkrose shoes i was gonna get sum they were hightop silver and had blue zebra stripes but i found out our mall has no shoe stores that supply punkrose shoes. ): i was sad thenn. i dyed my hair maroon but my hair is dark so youu can like barely see it ;; which made me mad. i got awesome socks to! and our backpacks have to b mesh or clear or id put all my amazing pins on em.

-shyshy6510 has to wear uniforms too :/

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