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All About Umph: Real Life September 9, 2009

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What do I do outside the internet? Where do monkeys take showers? Why am I typing in big letters?

I can answer all of those questions! Well, maybe not the second one, but the first and third one. I am typing in big letters because I’m eating pudding! It makes me excited. Oh God. I just spilled my pudding. Dead serious 😐 What, you don’t believe me? Look!

Pudding on my sweatshirt!

Pudding on my sweatshirt!

Pudding on my skin :/

Pudding on my skin :/

That’s an example of something that happened to me in real life. So, I’m starting a little real lifin’ buisness on Youtube. My first video is called ”All About Umph: Real Life, video one”. Talk about creative titles 🙄 To find it easier, go on Youtube and search ”Umphulump55” and you can get a list of all my videos including my real life ones and some zombie ones. Or, you can go to my channel here: http://youtube.com/user/umphulump55

See you all later!



1. Iderrella - September 10, 2009

Hey Emma. I just wanted to let you know I signed your petition and forwarded it
Umph Replies: Thank you SO SO SO SO much, that means a lot to me 🙂

2. Allison :] - September 11, 2009

That pudding looks likeblood xD

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