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i thought i would post September 18, 2009

Posted by Dippy in Uncategorized.

wow i havent posted in a longggg time! thats probably because of my blog http://dippydippyd.wordpress.com i know weird name… i was thinking about making a new blog becuase of the name but then it would take longer to get hits and such. 😦 and i dont want to pay for a domain name so yeah im stuck with dippydippyd. i really got to clean my room i should be on here but yet i am :/ and i havent posted on nevs blog like im spossed to because shes allowed to go on sometimes so yeah… i really feel like typing/talking to you  guys right now! idk why but i do! so thats a good thing right? well i think it is for some people but i guess for some people not. well from now im im going to try to post more often like im trying to do on annies blog, my blog, nevs blog, and umm thats it. well i guess now i could add umphs but that would take time and money because everyone knows time is money even know im not getting payed to type. i wish i were 😦 then i would get payed a lot of money becuase i like to type and i like money. yes money money money moeny money money ahhh money 🙂 okay i really need to go even though i really dont want to.:( okay so i guess this is a goood bye! oh no not the good bye part! i think im going to cry!no its too sudden. *CRYS* sorry sorry sorry i dont want to get you all soggy but *CRY ONTO YOU* SORRY! SORRY SORRY SORRY! I NEED TO GO BYE!



1. Beauty101 - September 18, 2009

lol!! gosh stop crying! u got my new shirt wet lol jk 😆

2. LunasWebkinz - September 19, 2009

*Hands Umphy a box of Kleenex, gives her a hug, and looks in a mirror to see how wet her shirt is now*
Umph Replies: Aaw thanks. But Dippy posted this, not me. So you can give her a hug and stuff 😆

3. Dippy - September 19, 2009


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