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Haha Morning September 27, 2009

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So you all have heard about Kanye West’s little mishap with Taylor Swift at the VMAS, right? Well, we’ll make fun of it here.

kanye west

I don’t know…Is it?

awesome graph 1

Yes 😀

Sorry for the super-short Haha-Morning, but just remember…

haha mornings



1. Mechelle Fogelsong - September 27, 2009


I love your Super Fun Zone page. I’m running a contest on my site right now, and I thought you might want to enter the contest. I’m looking for silly/fun links, and your website applies. Do you want to be added to my blogroll? Just come over to http://passinglovenotes.wordpress.com and add a comment suggesting your site and any others you think are silly/fun (and age-appropriate).

I would’ve just added you to my blogroll already, but frankly, I wanted to give you a chance to win my contest!


2. Raz0rEdge...ǝƃpǝɹ0zɐɹ - September 27, 2009

you should see Ssssam’s post full of Kayne West pics on the Panic Button! 🙂

3. real estate mutual funds - October 6, 2009

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