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Pookly October Plans October 2, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

It is the pookly month of October! We have some pookly plans for you visitors.

Rofl, I’ve got to stop saying ”Pookly” (Visit Community Events for its defenition)! So, I hope you’re all excited for Halloween and what not. This year, we’ll be having our very first Trick Ga Treat Extravaganza! I guess none of you know what that is, allow me to explain: You will sign up at the Community Events page (not yet, though). If you sign up, you will get a special treat basket. Each day or so, there will be a different event. Maybe one day you’ll have to look for candy, another day you have to guess the number of pickles in a jar. Pure randomness! It’ll be a load of pookly fun. Darn! I said it again.

Happy October!



1. Lyon - October 3, 2009

Hey! Read this post on how I might make a magazine about our little blogging community. I need more people then myself to do it though. Please read it and apply for one of the jobs.

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