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Lol is being abused :( October 4, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

Update: Sorry for no Haha Morning today, I couldn’t find any good pictures.

My name is Lol. I know how to laugh out loud. How to show that something’s really funny. But I don’t know why I’m being used so much…And I just want to go home.

xD Hahaha! You like? Yes, but this is a serious matter 😐 Lol is being abused, used too much even if your not really laughing out loud. So save the lol for something TRULY funny, perhaps like Sunday’s big nose:


See, that’s really something to lol about 😆



1. Mechelle Fogelsong - October 4, 2009

FYl, I almost never use lol. But I use FYI sometimes. In fact, FYI, I probably use FYI too much.

Just thought you’d like to know, FYI. [winks]

Hey, did you see you’re on my blogroll now?
Umph Replies: Hehe, I liked FYI. Oh, and thanks! I will add you to mine shortly.

2. Raz0rEdge...ǝƃpǝɹ0zɐɹ - October 5, 2009

LOL! <- a correct usage of lol 🙂
now everybody, say sorry to lol. I'M SORRY LOL! I DIDN'T MEAN TO'

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