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This post contains: Teeth, Ghosts, Spanish and an assortment of Sesame Street Charecters October 10, 2009

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Well howdy do!

I haven’t posted anything interesting for a couple of days, so I’ll post a long post today. First of all, the teeth part. Following my trip to the Orthidontist (sounds like a dinosaur, right 😆 ?), I lost one of my baby teeth while eating a Whopper Malted Milk Ball. Then, another became loose. For days and days its wigglinessed p***** me off. Finally, it fell out last night! Now I have two teeth awaiting the tooth fairy.

The ghost part, I’ve started a ghost blog! I’m actually hosting a contest on it right now. Anyways, for those who believe in ghost and/or ghouls, you should definately visit: http://totallyspooked.wordpress.com/ Tonight I’ll be doing a little paranormal study in my own home.

¿Que Pasa Espanol? That means, what is Spanish? Well, in school, I’ve been taking Spanish classes. I’m learning a lot of Spanish. Mi perro es muy fuerte y grande. That means, my dog is very strong and big. Fantastico!

Lastly, my bwe and I got to watch Sesame Street Live! It was AWESOME and looked expensive and time consuming. The acting and dancing and effects were equally great. Except for the main charecter. She played a mail woman but looked more like a guy with her short hair and big old hips.

Well, thanks for reading!



1. נσя∂αи - October 10, 2009

hmm. this post wasn’t here 2 minutes ago. lol
Umph Replies: Hmmm… *looks around suspiciously*

2. luvurlab6168 - October 10, 2009

Visit my blog! I did some renovations and I’m so excited to open it again!

3. DenzelWSl - November 2, 2009

Good morning, Hey! How are you? Happy late Halloween! 😀

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