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Check out da Bunny! October 12, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

Bunny 1 (The egotistic hottie) : Hey, check out the guns.

Bunny 2 (The pretty but not so bright girly) : Wow! Where’d you get them?

Bunny 1 : Momma made them for me (Kisses muscles)

Bunny 2 : Wow! Can you ask her to make me a blanket?

Bunny 1: Uh…Wut?

Bunny 3 (Pilot) : Sir, our plane is spiraling out of control!

King Kong : AAAAAHIAAAAA (Bangs on chest)

Tarzan : Ey, monkey boy! That my thing! Get own logo!

(A giant pickle reaches down and grabs Tarzan)

Marilyn Monroe : Oh my Gosh! He just took Tarzan!

Dr.Evil : Don’t worry. My minion will save him.

(An obese squirell sipping coffee shakes his head)

Obese quirell sipping coffee : Can’t do that right now, man.

Marilyn Monroe : Someone help him!

Dr.Evil : Kay, lady, calm down. Don’t you date the monkey, anyway?

Marilyn Monroe : Why you souless jerk! (Transforms into Godzilla)

Director : Cut!

(Charecters assemble at center stage)

Tarzan : I don’t get it, this show makes no sense.

Director : Of course it doesn’t, lemme point out your flaws. King Kong, you forgot to pull out the bunny pilot in scene 2. Marilyn, darling, you forgot to faint. And Obese Squirell, you forgot to hold up the peace sign. FROM THE TOP PEOPLE!



1. luvurlab6168 - October 15, 2009


“Wow! Can you ask her to make me a blanket!”


I am on this blog like EVERYDAY. It rocks!


2. Annie - October 17, 2009

Hey Umph!
I’ve finished your glowing name plate for your friend 🙂

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