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Haha Morning October 18, 2009

Posted by Umph in Uncategorized.

GoOd MoRnInG, wOrLd!

Be prepared for our Haha Morning today, because you’ll be laughing harder than this lady fell:

Now we have some funny look alikes and and a VRY SRS CAT!

totally looks like


Hope you have a good day, and remember…

haha mornings



1. Raz0rEdge...ǝƃpǝɹ0zɐɹ - October 19, 2009

when I finished posting /0|| you commented three minutes later XD
and when I replyd to your comment you commented…three seconds after. XD
Umph Replies: Whoaz o_0 Lots of threes.

2. Annie - October 20, 2009

hey umph (;
about your header – what kind of gradient would you like for the background? because i wasn’t really sure about if you wanted a color 6 gradient with white or not 😆 so if you could reply on my site that’d be great 🙂 thankies!

3. Annie - October 21, 2009

Hi Umph!
I’ve finished your header, I hope you like it!

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