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Wemma Wednesday: Hey, stop that! October 28, 2009

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Welcome to our first Wemma Wednesday! Please n’joy.

Okay, so, school was okay today. I’ll go over it:

Period 1: (Elective)We had our first Theater Arts Class! The new teacher is really nice. Nike, Careem and JJ kept inturrupting her, though :/ Like at one point they got up and started stepping and crumping.

Period 2: (Math)Math was pretty cool. Nothing much happened, if you excuse the part where we were poking people with our pencil erasers.


Crew: Pretty funny. We had a sub. He just sat there reading his paper, while we jumped around and yelled. He lifted his eyes off his paper like twice to say:

Hey, stop that!

Period 3: (Science) Annoying :/ Ms.H caught me passing a harmless note to Angie, but I think she forgot by the end of class 😆 But during it, some dumb kid was making fun of my bff Kooki (http://kooki00.wordpress.com) so I hit in the back of his fat head with my lunchbox ROFL.

Period 4: (Geography) Really cool! We were working on illustrations for our special multi-culturul cook book.

Period 5: (English) Cool, too. We were working on our cookbook recipes.

Then, I had a Student Lead Family Conference which went surprisingly well 😀

Okay, thanks for listening! See ya next Wednesday! (Sorry, I don’t have a cool icon to leave with)



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