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The Mist: Review November 1, 2009

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Today, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite movies, The Mist! First, I’ll thoroughly describe it:

The movie starts off with David Drayton, his son Billy and his wife Stephanie experiencing a violent storm at night. In the morning, a strange mist is developing across the lake. Him and Billy go out to the grocery store with neighbor Brent Norton. There are lots of police and military surrounding. While there, a crazy elderly man comes running, screaming ”creatures in the mist!” The mist then starts blowing toward the store, bystanders rushing inside for protection. Everyone decides to stay inside for protection. A frantic mother, despite the others advice, decides to venture into the mist alone to see her children. With everyone still nervous, a religious fanatic named Mrs.Carmody starts spreading her beliefs about this being a punishment from God.

The action starts when David goes into the store-room and hears some unusual noises pushing on the loading dock door. The others come to investigate (Jim, Myron and bagboy Norm). Norm is sent out to investigate, and when the door is opened, all heck breaks loose. Tentacles armed with claws come through and bite him apart (gory and gross). Then he is pulled into the mist. All skeptics are convinced when they see blood and tentacle fragments, all except Brent. One man has to retrieve a weapon from someone’s car, so they tie a rope around his waist. The rope is violently pulled away, and his severed legs are pulled back within view. Everyone becomes convinced.

Everyone becomes armed with torches, and new flying creatures arrive at nightfall. There are giant flying insects and pterodactyl-like creatures. Several people are injured, others pass away. Mrs.Carmody survives even though an insect lands on her but flies away instead of stinging her. She gains a group of several followers.

David plans an escape. For a test, they decide to retrieve medical supplies for the injured from the nextdoor pharmacy. There, they discover Brent trapped within many webs. Spider-like creatures break out of him and a few of the others lives are claimed. Several more people (except David’s group and a few others) side with Mrs.Carmody.

A solider named Wayne Jessup, who Mrs.Carmody holds responsible for the mist, is sacrificed and pulled away by a giant mantis-like creature with claws.

The next morning, while David and his group try to sneak out, Carmody stops them and orders Billy and Amanda(a friend of David) sacrificed. Ollie abruptly shoots her, and the others back off. While running to the car, Ollie, Myron and Cornell are caught by the monsters. Irene, Dan, David, Amanda and Billy make it to the car. While driving south, they see more monsters (including a giant tentacled dinosaur). And David sees Stephanie(his wife)has been caught by the spiders.

I don’t want to tell you the awful ending x( But this is movie does not really revolve around the monsters in the mist, but the ones in the store(the humans). This movie is scary, gory and has stunning visual effects.



1. Annie - November 2, 2009

I’m having a short story contest on my site 😀 Please enter!

2. נσя∂αи - November 4, 2009

I’ve never seen that movie. I’m gonna try to watch that soon.

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